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What’s up, Ginger Al here. They call me that cause my name is Allan and I’m a beautiful red haired specimen, get it? lol. I kind of settle into the role of class clown around here, but when it comes to metal, I take that shit seriously. I remember getting my first metal(ish) album, around the age of 9. It was G’n’R’s appetite for destruction, given to me at Christmas by my old man’s biker friend. Loved it, and couldn’t believe they cursed. Then Metallica’s “And Justice For All” came across my plate, and I realized metal can only get harder. That sent me down the deep path of extreme metal. To me, metal was what got me through the strange experience known as high school, and all the struggles of being one of “the weird” or “Goth” kids.

That leads us to today, where I host “The Mother Fucking Friday Show” Friday nights. The show is an unapologetic view into the world of extreme metal. Together, myself and co-host Ef 6 dig into the trenches and sludgy gutters of the metal riff raff to drag out tunes we love and enjoy.Comedy is a requirement, not an option. Often times, we will do theme nights and interviews. Every other week we also do a segment that delves into the work behind the metal scenes with “The Music Industry Breakdown” with JD McGibney. During the show we play alot of death metal, deathcore, hardcore, thrash, and everything in between. We have interviewed bands from the beginning of their time, all the way to seasoned veterens. Give it a listen, or we will sacrifice puppy’s!!!!