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Hey there – nice to meet you…I’m The Metal Mistress hailing from New York Metropolitan area. Growing up I was inspired by the classic voices and playlists of some of New York City’s greatest DJs like Cousin Brucie, Dan Ingram, Carol Miller, The Nightbird; Alison Steele, Wolfman Jack, Scott, Muni, Tony Pigg, Pat St. John, […]

Rich, Steph, Jen and Dave Talk SEX!

Any time the station doesn’t have a live DJ, I am on the air! I Love all genres of music, I love the artistic freedom to play what ever is in the station’s library!

I am Psychosin, Metal dj for 8 years as of the writing of this. Joined cranium in 2020, Have been several things apart from a DJ. These include a goth model, a vocalist for a death metal band, and currently in the non music world work as a security guard. I also run a Youtube […]

A creeping tempo. Guitar sound that you can feel the thickness. A wall of distortion. Dissonance, despair and dread. DOOM. It started as an idea to get underground music to the masses. I created a Podcast to showcase bands in the Stoner, Doom and Sludge scene. As the Podcast gained momentum I joined Cranium Radio. […]

DJ Wired is from Palm Bay, Florida playing the best from our local music scene and all around the world, as well as our favorite national acts. DJ Wired also features GRUNGE POWER HOUR!

What’s up, Ginger Al here. They call me that cause my name is Allan and I’m a beautiful red haired specimen, get it? lol. I kind of settle into the role of class clown around here, but when it comes to metal, I take that shit seriously. I remember getting my first metal(ish) album, around […]

DJing was something I always wanted to do & was given the opportunity back in April of 2012. I named the show The Metallicave because I was and still am a huge Metallica fan and being the studio was in my basement the “Cave” part of the name just fit. Doin g my show I […]

DJ Diosa is a transplant to New England, and host of the Aquanet Generation. They play all music from the 80s – rock, metal, hair metal, alternative, new wave, pop and punk. Get your 80s fix with DJ Diosa and the Aquanet Generation.

I originally hail from small town middle America. Basically growing up inside a John Cougar Mellencamp album, I found metal at a very early age as a way to escape the boredom of Southern Illinois life. Kicking off at around age 8 with the likes of KISS and AC/DC, I bought my first heavy metal […]

DJ Spyder is from Mass playing Industrial metal local and from all around the world. Industrial Espionage Plays: 1 hour of industrial 1 hour of indie industrial ! Hour of industrial Metal Come Join DJ Spyder for Industrial Espionage

I’ve always had a symbiotic and osmotic relationship with music even before I even entered this world. As my mother carried me with her to music festivals in Europe. As an “Old Soul” I soaked in every bit of influence from anywhere I could get music whether it be my Mom’ and Dad’s records, singing […]